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British Art Show 9

Sat 22 Jan – Sun 10 Apr 2022

Wolverhampton School of Art & Wolverhampton Art Gallery

British Art Show 9 explores three overarching themes – healing, care and reparative history; tactics for togetherness; and imagining new futures. Each of the four exhibitions will also adapt to local contexts. In Wolverhampton the exhibition looks at how we live with and give voice to difference.

Many of the artists in BAS9 investigate identity from an intersectional perspective, taking account of multiple identities that coexist such as class, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. In Wolverhampton the exhibition explores these ideas in a critical dialogue with Wolverhampton’s cultural history which has been shaped by the diverse populations that came to work in its manufacturing industries during the post-war period. Wolverhampton Art Gallery houses one of the most significant collections of art on ‘The Troubles’ outside Northern Ireland. It also collects works linked to the British Black Arts movement which has its roots in the city as many of its members studied at Wolverhampton School of Art.

BAS9 in Wolverhampton includes a film programme in which a selection of artist films allows expanded connections with the works in the galleries