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Painting from Photographs

Fri 18 Feb 2022 , 11am - 4pm

RBSA Gallery, St Paul's Square

£65 per person

Course description:

Easily create beautiful semi abstract paintings from photographs using a variety of paints and mediums. Explore and experiment with colour, form, and expressive techniques.

Ideal for beginners but also suitable for artists looking to try something new.

Course aims and skills/knowledge to be taught:

• To experiment with different paints and mediums to create beautiful semi abstract paintings from photographs.

• Using various paints including Watercolour painting techniques , watercolour paper and various brushes and tools.

• Acrylic painting techniques using various paper based surfaces including prepared surfaces .

• How to choose a colour palette and mix colours.

• Surface preparation.

• How to start a painting.

• What makes a successful painting.

• When a painting is finished

• How to evaluate and critique your work.