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Curt Cresswell SEO & Web Design


  • Hire me for:
  • Brand Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Web Development

I’m an SEO freelancer experienced in both the technical and creative aspects of SEO.

With expertise in SEO migrations, content strategy, and off-page SEO, I offer a comprehensive understanding of how your domain fits within the competitive landscape of search engine rankings, suitable for businesses at any stage of their SEO journey.

I’m also experienced in web design, ensuring your site is built with SEO in mind from the start. Whether you’re redesigning your website or creating one for the first time, I can help you integrate SEO best practices into the design process. This way, you can avoid any pitfalls that might harm your SEO efforts during a redesign and ensure your new site is optimised for search engines from day one.

As search engine algorithms evolve, the gap between SEO and branding continues to narrow. Modern SEO aims for your website to be a hub that demonstrates value, thought leadership, and notability, recognised and echoed by other influential names in your niche.

If you’re looking to enhance your online presence and achieve sustainable growth, get in touch with me today. Let’s work together to ensure your website stands out and thrives in the competitive world of search engine marketing. Get a FREE consultation, and discover if SEO is right for you.